In 2011, when I graduated high school I began an intensive full-time search for answers to my questions: Who Am I? Why Am I Alive? What is God? What is this experience? After high school I became a model working my way up to Louis Vuitton and several other luxury brands. I made it into a Top 100 university and started several business ventures in Australia and overseas. Having overcome several life-threatening accidents and having a near death experience in 2016 made me realise that I could not keep on going the way I was headed; focused only on money and my ego. I had to start new once again, finding out who I truly was; being self-aware. Some people describe me as a motivational speaker and online life coach, I just want to provide personal empowerment to individuals who deserve so much more in life!  

Since then I have travelled across the globe, I met incredible people, I studied thousands of hours and have a "PhD" in re-connecting to find self-awareness in life. I made many mistakes and learned a lot. Now the masterpiece is coming together. All of my past was a training ground to prepare me for what I need to do. Everyone goes on a self-discovery journey at some stage in their lives, some do it whilst young, others do it when they are older. Having travelled on this journey a little while I want to support you on your journey and be the helping hand that everybody needs in order to truly accelerate their experience and learnings of life. It is my desire to be a helping hand in your journey to self-actualization and reconnecting to your true self through self-awareness. 
Like other life skills, the more hours spent creating your dream life the better you get at it. In my years of intense immersion in this topic, I have learned to self-actualize and re-connect to my true self. I know how to apply those skills to lead a more fulfilled life.  I differentiate myself from others in that I guide you rather than teach you. I will accompany you on your own journey of self-discovery and the creation your dream life. 
To find out more about my services have a look at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact me directly. Read more about my own journey on my blog and follow me on social media for free teachings. I look forward being part of your journey!