Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

This is something for everyone of every age who is truly willing to transform his or her own life. There is nothing wrong with living an average mediocre life, but for those of you who want more from this miracle of being alive then this is exactly for you! You are the biggest asset that you possess, every cent invest in developing yourself to the next level is a cent invested that will certainly give you return on investment. 

Money back guarantee?

I am a reasonable person and therefore have a reasonable policy. As all my services are pre-paid there is not a money back guarantee as such. However, if you truly have felt that I had completely wasted your time and can convince me of such then please do contact me and I am happy to discuss further with you personally. I doubt this would ever happen, but I am a reasonable person so I shall allow for the minuscule possibility.

How do you conduct the session?

I want to reach as many people as possible and due to time constraints, I have decided to give my sessions online via Skype. Occasionally I also do offer public workshops which will be held in person.


How can I pay you?

Payments can be made through PayPal or a direct bank deposit. All details will be contained in the confirmation email. I believe that a service should sell itself and that is why I do not offer a booking system on the website but rather wish for my clients to contact me directly and get in touch with me. 

Do I have to commit?

As there is no way for me to force you to commit, nor do I enjoy working with someone who does not truly desire to better his or her future I will not have any lock-in contracts. However, this is a journey and not a magic pill that I am selling so naturally, it will take its time. Because of my recommendation to take your time, I have a discounted price dependant on hours of my time purchased.

How long till I am changed?

This is a journey and therefore will depend on each individual case. There are certain factors involved, such as at which stage you are at and how committed you are to the teachings and journey we are walking together. There have been cases that took several months and others I managed to resolve in an hour. 

What do you do for the world? 

I want everybody to be able to truly express him or herself. I feel that a lot of individuals are lost and have forgotten who they truly are. I want the world to unite and wake up, to reconnect. I envision a world where we are truly proactive in taking responsibility for our life. That is why I personally give free sessions to people in need, I also donate and am aiming at setting up several not for profit organisations and most importantly I create tons of free online content to you guys on social media.

What service do you provide?

I offer personal consultation in the form of coaching and mentoring. This can be online coaching or in person, depending on location. Additionally I am a motivational speaker focusing on personal empowerment and self empowerment. For me it is about Self Development teachings! 

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