Leave the party for a better life

May 3, 2017

Occasionally we might find ourselves surrounded by other people at a party feeling uncomfortable and not at ease. Occasionally we might listen to people in our circle and think to ourselves that they are misinformed and not to your equal. Occasionally we must leave our group and find a new one.

We grow continuously with every new interaction with the world, we gain new knowledge and perceptions as each day goes by. Every person is growing at a different rate and it can occur that we outgrow the people surrounding us. When you reach the point of feeling negativity towards the circle you surround yourself with then you must find a new circle to be with, as this is a signal that you have outgrown them.

We are creatures of adaptation, meaning that we adapt to the average of our closest interactions consisting usually of family and friends. If the circle is at a lower stage than our best self then we will negatively adapt, if they are at a higher stage than our average self then we will positively adapt. It is important to be very picky with whom you spent your time with. You are like a flower. Giving sunlight and water will help you grow, without sunlight or  water you will wither. A good social circle helps you grow, a bad one makes you fall.

Occasionally we have to leave the party behind and find a new party to celebrate life with.



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