Accept your crappy day…

May 5, 2017

Despite the positiveness I am trying to portray in this blog occasionally we just step into a mess, just like the guy in the photo. I feel that we have got to stay real here, because I do not like how other blogs pretend like the occasional negativity hiccup is a “sin”.

No matter how hard we try to be on our best behaviour and feel positively inspired, occasionally we may have a crappy day and when that day approaches then master it with class. Whining and self-pity will definitely not be counted as class. What I am talking about it to accept it, get over the crappy day and envision the next yet unwritten day which you have a influence in how it will be shaped.

So often I, myself have my moment or even day of crappiness. Oh and don’t even think that just because I write to master it with class that I do myself master it with class. No this is not the case, for whatever I write here I had only just myself come to realise. So we are on the same page.

Anyhow, accept the crappy days and stay positive at heart.



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