Thank you is a magical word

May 5, 2017

Thank you! This is an expression that can change lives. A meaning that is of such great significance to others and oneself. But why is it so difficult for some of us to give and receive thanks.

The meaning behind a “thank you” can vary greatly, from a sincerely warm hearted “thank you”  to a cold sarcastic ill intended “thank you”. For this blog post I will be referring to the basic and originally created meaning of “thank you” which is an expression of gratitude and appreciation.

Occasionally we are being told to be grateful and appreciative although we might not personally feel that we need to say thanks. This to me has often felt like abuse, not in a physical form but the abuse of my freedom and purity of the thanksgiving (I do not mean the U.S. holiday). Some of us learn that we can abuse the power of giving thanks to obtain the emotions or actions we desire. Others like myself refuse dearly to abuse the power of giving thanks and reserve it only for meaningful moments when we feel truly grateful and appreciative.

Giving thanks evokes a warm tingly feeling in the person who receives your thanksgiving. Cheating a person by abusing the power of giving thanks can harm the other person, leaving him or her feeling cheated, used or betrayed.

We need to give thanks where the situation deserves a thanksgiving. Giving thanks provides positivity into your own life and those of others. To know when you should say thank you is easy, feel if you are grateful or appreciative of the situation, if you are then say thanks.

Thank you for reading this blog and supporting me, thank you for the creators of the internet for allowing me to interact with the world, thank you creation for allowing me to be alive. So many things to be grateful for so I shall not go on further.

Thank you.





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