When life gives you lemon...

May 15, 2017

 Ah, the common analogy between lemons and making lemonade. This analogy had been shared for centuries trying to ease the pain felt through the sour moments that life throws at you. I agree that we shall seek to maximise every moment in our life, but am not so certain anymore whether I would advise to everyone to make lemonade out of the lemon, perhaps occasionally we want to simply look at the lemon or throw it out and use it as compost. 


So what has made me write these words is the realisation that in this society we are white washing a lot of the struggles that people face. Our entire consumption based economy works around selling us solutions to our problems rather than seeing the problem in itself and fixing it at its root. We are often told to think positively and simply go with the flow. I totally agree that we are the creator of our own life, that we are able to manifest our own desired life and that failure is an entry rite to success. But I disagree with association between the two. I advocate a separation. 


I believe that when we face a problem, or let us continue with the analogy of a lemon for arguments sake, then we shall stop. Take a moment and analyse the situation. There is nothing worse than thinking that this problem is just a cute lemon that can be pressed into lemonade, ignoring the cause of the event. I advocate that when we face lemons then we shall stop and think. What had caused this lemon to show up at our door step? Lets examine the lemonade and perhaps we might end up seeing its beauty and are grateful that the lemon had prevented us from making grape juice instead of lemonade. Perhaps though we find a rotten spot and simply toss it out to be compost rather than using it to make lemonade. 


The conclusion of the story is this; when in life we face a problem then take a moment to analyse the problem and then decide through visualisation of our desired state what our options at hand are. Projecting the future imagination into the present and seeking the best choice given the circumstances we are facing. Never shall we simply accept all the lemons into our life and make lemonade with all of them, we have to discard the rotten ones and keep the useful ones and try improve our lemonade formula each time. 






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