Matthew R.

I was in a deep negative spiral, very depressed. I did not understand what was going on within me and why I had become so negative, but I felt stuck in this negative spiral that kept going downwards. Timothy helped me a lot in opening my eyes to reality, assisting me in being proactive and taking responsibility for life as it is. 

Ananzia H.

I used to be lost. I did not know what to do with my life and was not happy. I was surrounded by negative friends and family. By chance I met Timothy. He was able to reinstill an inner fire within me. I was feeling alive. I wanted to go and live my life! I finished my studies and am now on the right path! Thank you!



Rina F.


I met Tim a few months ago. From the get go he began guiding me, without me even knowing it. He pushed me to find my true self and reach for my fullest potential. Thanks to him I am now back on tracks in life, knowing what I want from it. Having met Tim and his guidance truly was the turning point my life needed.



Sita P.

Tim is very inspiring person. He is not only a good listener but he understands and gives positive feedback when I was feel unsure or something went wrong in my current life. Once, I talked to him because I thought my thing, its unforgivable but he keep me believe that the only way to solve the problems its only "be real me". Just love and live. His words remind me that whoever, everywhere we are, whenever, we have to be ready for reality. Sometime we had a though times, but learn it, and more appreciate other things. Not easy but its work, make every step we do more better.Thank you tim for every beautiful words and every story you shared. You are the best and keep inspiring peoples out there!!! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
TaeJin Kim

Tim is a great communicator and critical thinker. He is one of the best liberal thinkers I've ever met.